Toughest week under my watch

by Matt Craughwell – Skipper

Day 26 Matt & Simon checking hull

With the calm of the Atlantic Sara G has not only had her toughest week of the expedition, but her toughest week under my watch.  Yesterday saw us post only sixty nautical miles with a mixed bag of no wind and swells from every direction.  Despite all of this the crew have battled on to make this small total. It has now made our world record attempt become the most difficult ten days we will spend at sea this year.  Morale is high and we hope for good weather soon, but it seems everything is against us at the moment!  The latest technical difficulty has been the loss of our electrical power due to the lack of winds and no sun for the past few days, this has meant we are now navigating the old fashion way like the old mariners used to.  We hope to have better news soon and would like to thank everyone for all the messages of support we have received, on days like this they mean everything to us.  We will continue to give it our all till we reach Barbados and hope to see a change of fortune in the coming ten days.